Dolphin Browser

Dolphin browser review

Dolphin has been the top browser for android systems. Still there are several reasons to stick to it. For instance, you will enjoy customizable features such as navigating forward and back, and opening bookmarks. According Tech n Track, Dolphin Browser HD has been released that features a slicker interface and add-ons. Fortunately, the developers continue to give more with regular updates. It may not be the fastest browser around; it offers optimal surfing experience.

User interface

tg2w3edy6hwed87jwed9ik22Dolphin browser has several aesthetic features that are worth to mention. In fact, you can agree that it was designed for making browsing easy in mind. The major browsing screen is uncluttered and clean, and the frequently used features and commands are too far away. Other than Refresh and Home buttons which flank its address bar, this browser does not clutter the interface with quick access buttons. Thus, it is more streamlined as compared to Opera and Chrome. However, this does not imply that you should dig deeper into the menus to find features. When you slide the screen to the right reveals bookmark sidebar that includes the list of the most-visited websites.


This is the first known browser to provide multi-touch, which is now a standard for Android browsers. You will still find it to be a great feature. For instance, you have options to zoom out and in through the double tap, or through magnifying glass buttons.

Dolphin browser loads the full version of a website by default. You will also find it easy to switch to mobile version.

Features and settings

tgv23edf6hwedf8j2wedik22Dolphin browser provides various customization options both in add-ons and basic setup. You will find a robust list of the settings quite daunting. However, it offers users a lot of functionality and options. You will appreciate the option of scrolling using Volume buttons, and you even use the SD card for the cache. If you are concerned with prying eyes, this browsing option makes it quite easy to clear the history, form data, cache, and the saved passwords.


Dolphin browser offers amazing browsing experience. However, it is a bit slower as compared to some browsers. However, some add-ons can improve the browsing speeds by killing apps that use a lot of memory. However, it does not offer you the option to choose the apps to kill and will not inform you when the apps have been killed.