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Blinkist Review – All you need to know

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If you are a love reading books and you do not have time to go through all the books you would wish to read, then having blinkist services is no option. Blinkist offer comprehensive summaries of non-fiction books. This service helps you to have an insight of the book you would wish to read within the shortest time possible. That said, this┬áBlinkist Review – What is it and is it worth it? serves to familiarize with this convenient mode of reading.

What is a blinkist?

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Blinkist is a service that provides a summary of the wide variety of books available in the market. There are many ways of accessing blinkist. A few of them include browsing, using direct kindle link or having a mobile app. The various collections of abstract or otherwise referred to as blinks are found in a blinkist library. Different blinks offer insight of varying books. To facilitate fast reading blinks are divided into subsections, i.e., introduction, body, and summary. With this in place, a reader is in a position of getting an insight of the book with ease.

Blinkist web services

To benefit from blinkist web services, you must first create an account. With this in place, you will have an online profile holding your personal books collections. This web service has two distinct tabs. One covers materials read and the other unread articles. With a link, you can be certain of accessing everything of interest in the blink. Blinklist services are synchronized with the blinkist mobile application. Thus, you can read anywhere and at any time.

Blinkist mobile applications

This is one of the most beneficial technological advancements in the blinkist industry. This mobile application allows consumers to access reading materials at their convenience. This application is accessible to electronic devices having either the Android or the iOS versions. In addition to this, this application has an audio version. Thus, you can easily listen to the content of a book when doing other things.

Blinkist pricing

smartphone 21Blinkist services can be either free or for a fee. Free blink services allow you to get one link per day. Additionally, you do not have the liberty to choose the book to read. That said, if you want to go through the entire blinkist library, it is vital to pay for the services. Furthermore paying for these services allows you to unlock passages highlighting, storing blinks on your mobile, and read them without Internet connections. Finally, with a premium plan, you can be sure of enjoying audio services.

Benefits and drawbacks of blinkist services

Some of the benefits of blinkist services include the ability to read a variety of books at an affordable fee. Also, you can pre-select books before reading, access to audio versions among others. On the other hand, the drawbacks of blinkist services include, need to refresh your library manually, if you are using a mobile app. More to this, it is still not yet possible to recommend blinkist to consumers enjoying these services directly.