A Guide to Choosing the Right Vape

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People turn to the e-cig/vape because they want to avoid the harms of the conventional tobacco rolled cigarettes. But cigarettes are addictive. And to most people, eliminating the sensation of puffing and the elevating feeling of nicotine is not an option. The substitute should still give an equally satisfying experience of smoking the rolled cigarettes. And that is the very reason why choosing the right e-cig is a serious business.

Choosing the E-Cig Type

disposable e-cigThere are vapes and disposable e-cigs available on the market. Vapes are costly up front. Their price range is anywhere between $80-$100. The decent vape kits are around $40 to $80, but then you need to spend extra $15 for the e-juice.

Vapes are great because you can customize their setting. You can choose the e-juice, and you can install any mods you desire. Disposable e-cigs come as you see them. They have no customization options, and their drag is also weak. Their only upside is that they are as cheap as $10. Regardless, disposable e-cigs can be your best option if you are still not confident whether you can enjoy smoking e-cigs or not.

And another thing to note is that all of those tricks you see from pro cloud chasers (the fancy word for vape trick performers) are not possible if you do not use a box mod. If you are interested, you should try the RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizers). It is a popular box mod among cloud chasers with low cost of maintenance. The ideal play toy for a starter.

Maintaining the Vape

vape's mod

If you decide to use the long-term use vape, then you have to know how to maintain it. A vape in poor condition will not only degrade your smoking experience but will also endanger yourself. Those scary stories of exploded vapes you have read on the Internet are real. And most of the time, vapes with the big battery were the ones that blew.

But in some cases, the explosion is not entirely caused by the user’s fault. Malfunction and manufacture defect does happen. And if you suffer from such case, you can always contact Georgia personal injury attorneys for legal assistance. Sueing a vape company is not a new case. In February 2018, a vape battery explosion happened in Wichita, Kansas. And the suitor managed to get compensation money as big as $75,000.

To monitor your vape’s condition, first, you have to learn how to disassemble your vape’s parts. Put all the small pieces, like screws and coils, into one container. Then, detach the tank from the mod. Do not forget to empty it from any leftover e-juice. Wash all the components with clean water, and dry them with a paper towel. If you have a smoothly polished tank, use a microfiber cloth to avoid scratches.

Second, you have to know when you should replace the coils and battery. If your vape device is not severely damaged, those two parts are the only ones that need replacement. As for the coils, you should check if they have turned dark or rusted. If they have, you need to get a new coil. The second sign is that when you taste a burnt smell during an inhalation. The third sign is when you can spot leakage from the atomizer. And the last one is when you sense your vape device produces less vapor than it is supposed to.

Customizing the E-Juice

enjoying a vapeThe most exciting part about vape that you cannot have from conventional cigarettes is its wide range of flavor customization. If the vape is a part of your plan to stop smoking, then mixing the e-juice with nicotine will undoubtedly give you a significant health boost. You can satisfy your craving without all the harms of tobacco cigarettes.

And if marijuana is legal in your country, vape can be your new way to get high. There is even a big-size vaporizer called the Volcano that can heighten the effects of smoking pot tenfold.

Alternative drugs and health treatments


Many people usually go directly to a medical doctor at a local clinic or hospital when they want to get treated for some illness. It can range from a simple stomach pain to a serious condition like cancer. However, many also visit the doctor to deal with other mental conditions like stress, depression, and anxiety. Some go to psychiatrists and counseling, hoping to talk to someone and overcome these situations. However, there are some alternatives that can be considered if one wishes to get rid of mind related conditions.

Herbal or organic treatments

One area that has received a lot of attention is the growing popularity of herbal treatments. Green tea, senna, and even herbsextracts from the marijuana plant are capable of helping people with many health-related issues. But the trick is to find the right herb and form of it that can help you. For example, marijuana has been known to have many positive effects that can help people with depression and stress. But CBD oil, which is an extract from the plant works better and can be used for many purposes. Cannabidiol is an active cannabinoid that is found in the cannabis plant and has proven to have a lot of beneficial uses. In fact, CDB oil has fewer adverse effects than you would see with any other medications that deal with health issues. The problem is that wholesale organic cbd oil supply is not regulated and you cannot find a reliable supplier unless you know where to look. Some research can point you in the right direction, but you must ensure you go to a reputable supplier.

Holistic treatments

holisticNot everyone would have faith in this type of treatment, but some people would swear by it. The philosophy of this therapy is that the mind, spirit, and body are all part of a whole, and one can be treated by taking care of the other. It can involve any type of medication from pills to even herbal oils and also meditation. A holistic doctor will usually try to get to the root cause of an ailment as opposed to just treating the pain itself. In most cases, you will learn that a problem that is psychological will lead to some imbalance in your life, and this can be healed with such therapy.

Massage and chiropractic treatments

Many think of massage as a simple relaxing activity. But in fact, it can do a whole lot of good and help you reduce pain for many ailments. Massage therapists and chiropractors can make your pain go away within hours.