Anyone who has ever been homeschooled or any parent who is currently homeschooling their child knows that it is not a walk in the park. The most common disadvantages of homeschooling involve the poor socialization of your child with incredibly expensive costs. Below is a full list of the demerits of homeschooling.

The demerits of homeschooling

The cost

The amount paid to teachers to school your child at home can be a lot. In addition to this, both parents cannot be away when their child is being homeschooled. One has to be at home which means they can’t be working unless they are working from home. This means there is only one income in that household and this can be very straining financially

Social life

Going to school and learning together with other children is very healthy to your child regarding how they eventually grow up and how their abilities to socialize and live with others are shaped. The communal feel that comes with being in a school helps a lot. Your child will not know how to socialize when they are homeschooled because they haven’t learnt how to. Research indicates that it is easy for homeschooled kids to adapt but most of them usually find a hard time doing so.

The responsibility

As a parent, if you choose to homeschool your child then you have to understand that you are the only one who is responsible for their wellbeing. There is no principal or teacher or fellow students who are to blame for anything. They are also not there to help your child grow in different aspects of their lives. You are the only one who becomes responsible for that.

Time and freedom

Homeschooling your child means that they are with you every hour of every day. This means that you can never catch a break. Save for the times when they go over to a relatives place or a friends place. This can be quite exhausting because it is really difficult to find time to do anything else other than taking care of your children. You do not have as much freedom as you would have had if they were in an actual school.


I find it very interesting that even though you have your child schooling at home, you will still be required to pay school taxes just like any parent whose child goes to an actual school. There is no exemption, and this is quite frustrating for parents whose kids school at home.