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Planning to Get the Best Wedding Memorabilia

Bride&Groom - Copy

A wedding is the most special event in a person’s life. It is when a relationship is acknowledged both legally and socially. And it is expected to happen only once in a lifetime.

Memorabilia, then, are substantial to a wedding. They must be unique and personally special to the groom and the brides. Souvenirs for the guests should also be the one of a kind. It should make them not forget who has been the happiest couple at the wedding.

Wedding photography

Beach Wedding - CopyNo couple is going to miss hiring photographers for their wedding. The prevalent prewedding photo sessions make the photography of the main event unlikely to be forgotten. But it has become too familiar, so it tends to be overlooked.

Wedding photography might be a general wedding thing. But what makes the photos special are the venue, the guests, and you and your spouse. If you are having a wedding in a hall, for example, the photography skills will be different from if your venue is on a beach.

City hall photography should focus more on the architectural features of the building. SF City Hall wedding photos, for example, offer you a photo gallery on their site. You need to look for such a quality, where you can assess the photo quality easily from the site. Do not hire an inexperienced photographer, or your wedding can be ruined.

Personal decoration

Receptionist deskIf you plan to get married in a hall, there is probably only few thing to be done about the decoration. But if you choose a beach as your venue, all the decoration, from the altar to the ornaments, is under your authority,


If you want to make your wedding more interesting to your guests, do not think of your happiness only. Try to hire performers for your guests. They can be a magician, singer, or even the whole band. And make sure your venue is properly designed for that purpose.

Make your venue as personal as possible. Bring forward the elements that matter to you and your spouse. For instance, your spouse is attached to his/her dog, so what you can do is to accommodate the pet in the party. It will overwhelm the entire room with cuteness.


Wedding FavorsThe other terms for ‘Wedding Souvenirs’ is ‘Wedding Favors’. It means the goods serve as your token of gratitude to your guests for participating in your wedding.

And like what has been implied, you might include a little identity to your souvenir, but not too much. A mug with your photos on it shows too much of your narcissism.

Here is a list of wedding souvenirs that are safe to give:

  • Limoncello
  • Tote bag
  • Bottle openers
  • Artistically-designed bottles of honey
  • Pretty soaps
  • Seed paper
  • Small & simple mug